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List Updated: August /09
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Water Monitor SOLD OUT
Peach Throat Monitor
Rough Neck Monitor


Red Eyed Crocodile Skink

Blood Pythons:

Red Blood Python
Black Blood Python


Nosy Be (Available October 1st, 09)

Green Tree Pythons:


Boas: (SOLD OUT)

Viper Boa

Geckos: (SOLD OUT)

Henkel's Leaf-tailed
Line DayGecko
Madagascar Giant Gecko
Mossy Leaf-taled Gecko
Peacock Day Gecko
Pictus Gecko
Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Tokay Gecko
Giant Vorax Gecko

Frogs: (SOLD OUT)

Tomato Frogs

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WC-Wild caught
CH-Captive hatched
CB- Captive Bred

NOTE: The images displayed are the actual animals available.


Mississauga Breeders Expo September 19th, 2009.


Like most reptile lovers my interest started when I was just a young child. Having grown up in Mexico I had access to so many different species that a day wouldn’t go by that I wasn’t catching or studying one of these scaly creatures. My passion later grew into a hobby where it then blossomed into an obsession. I began breeding reptiles and selling them to local shops. I soon realized that there were many others in my country that had the same obsession as I had so I decided to start making international contacts and importing reptiles from all over the world. I focused on only offering premium quality reptiles and my business boomed.  While operating my modest importing business I made many friends and lots of great contacts.

My wife and I began making plans for starting a family. After much discussion we wanted to explore different opportunities so we ended up making one of the toughest decisions of our lives. In 2000 we said good-bye to our family and friends, sold all of our reptiles and moved to Canada. I started a career in graphic design and although this is another passion of mine it still had to satisfy my love for reptiles. Fortunately over the years I continued to maintain contact with my reptile friends around the globe so when I decided to start Reptiles Imports here in Canada they were happy and excited to be part of it. 

Today my international partners are helping me build a unique and different type of reptile importing company. One that truly cares about the reptiles we sell and the people we deal with. I am eager to grow our business and excited about the opportunities that lay ahead.

Reptile Imports