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List Updated: August /09
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Water Monitor SOLD OUT
Peach Throat Monitor
Rough Neck Monitor


Red Eyed Crocodile Skink

Blood Pythons:

Red Blood Python
Black Blood Python


Nosy Be (Available October 1st, 09)

Green Tree Pythons:


Boas: (SOLD OUT)

Viper Boa

Geckos: (SOLD OUT)

Henkel's Leaf-tailed
Line DayGecko
Madagascar Giant Gecko
Mossy Leaf-taled Gecko
Peacock Day Gecko
Pictus Gecko
Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Tokay Gecko
Giant Vorax Gecko

Frogs: (SOLD OUT)

Tomato Frogs

For More info on these species or care sheets, nothing like Google!

FAQs: please read.

WC-Wild caught
CH-Captive hatched
CB- Captive Bred

NOTE: The images displayed are the actual animals available.


Mississauga Breeders Expo September 19th, 2009.


7 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

You’re guaranteed to receive a healthy animal of the finest quality, period. You can count on our commitment to guarantee the health and well being of your new pet for 7 days after your purchase. If any problem arises, we will replace the animal at no cost for you. Please report any problems immediatley to us. Value, quality and Service, We guarantee it!

We Ship Worldwide. No problem!

Domestic Shipments,
All orders are shipped from Toronto, Canada.

International Shipments**
All orders are shipped from Toronto, Canada and the shipping company will be determined depending on the final destination. It is your responsibility to know domestic importation requirements/laws of your country.We reserve the right to implement a minimum order requirement. All shipping charges will be predetermined before any orders are complete and are to be pre-paid before shipping.

We will not ship in extreme weather conditions.

Shippingh Days

Monday and Wednesday.

Shippingh Pricing

Toronto and GTA: Delivered door to door courier $35ca*.

Rest of Canada: Delivered door to door courier $65ca*.

*May vary depending on the size of the order, we'll inform changes in advance before we accept your order.

**Worldwide: Will be quoted at the moment you place your order.

Convenient Payment Options

All Prices in Canadian dollars. Retail minimum order $100. Wholesale minimum order $500, both before taxes.

We accept Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, Amex credit card payments through Pay pal (you do not have to register a Pay pal account to do this). Once payment is confirmed we will arrange shipment.

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