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List Updated: August /09
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Water Monitor SOLD OUT
Peach Throat Monitor
Rough Neck Monitor


Red Eyed Crocodile Skink

Blood Pythons:

Red Blood Python
Black Blood Python


Nosy Be (Available October 1st, 09)

Green Tree Pythons:


Boas: (SOLD OUT)

Viper Boa

Geckos: (SOLD OUT)

Henkel's Leaf-tailed
Line DayGecko
Madagascar Giant Gecko
Mossy Leaf-taled Gecko
Peacock Day Gecko
Pictus Gecko
Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko
Tokay Gecko
Giant Vorax Gecko

Frogs: (SOLD OUT)

Tomato Frogs

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WC-Wild caught
CH-Captive hatched
CB- Captive Bred

NOTE: The images displayed are the actual animals available.


Mississauga Breeders Expo September 19th, 2009.


Red Eyed Crocodile Skink (WC) $ 95ca

Hard to find these on this shape and this price!. Cute cute cute! Extremely easy to take care for and excellent pets! Solid dark reddish brown color with a startlingly bright orange ring around the eye. When scared they can vocalize too, like Geckos. They do not need a huge cage and can be raised in a living room at room temperature.

Rest assured at Reptile Imports we stand behind our animals, guarantee their health, lineage, AND that they feed.



NOTE: The images displayed are the actual animals available, unless is indicated as "stock image".